Get Out of the Dark with LED Lights for Trucks.

Get Out of the Dark with LED Lights for Trucks.

Nothing lights up the road or trail as well as LED light bars for trucks and other on- and off-road vehicles. Genesis light bars are among the best and most advanced produced anywhere and are designed to tackle the tough terrain of the Australian Outback. That makes them tough enough to handle North American roads and trails and possibly the best LED light bars for trucks you can buy.

The LED Advantage

Many traditional running lights rely in energy-sapping bulbs that often fail at the wrong time and provide relatively little light. Fortunately, LED light bars produce much brighter, whiter, light that illuminates the road or trail. Better still, they won’t sap critical electrical power while you are in the middle of nowhere, and are available in a multitude of wattage outputs and configurations. You get better, brighter light, and a much better view of the road or trail.

Top- and Bumper-Mount Light Bars

LED light bars for trucks are light, durable, and can be mounted to the top of your truck, on the hood, or on your bumper. Top-mounted lights work great for providing a widely ranging light beam, while your headlights, fog lights, and even a bumper-mounted light bar keep the road well-lit. Top-mounted lights work particularly well when traveling in locations where large wild animals are a particular threat of entering the roadway or trail at the wrong moment, and for identifying other potential hazards.

Straight or Curved LED Light Bars

You also can choose from traditional straight light bars of varying configurations, or opt for curved LED light bars for trucks, which offers a wider beam while traveling. Curved light bars mounted to the top or your truck or other vehicle will give you a very wide beam that will illuminate even the darkest of back roads and trails. Curved light bars work especially well in open terrain. Straight light bars are best for lighting up the road or trail directly ahead of you and putting light exactly where you want it and need it the most.

Affordable and Easy to Install

Anyone with basic mechanical skills can install LED light bars for trucks, and they are among the most affordable and durable light bars available. For a relatively small investment and a short amount of time, your travels will become much brighter.



Driving lights provide an extra boost of illumination when your high beams are on, and you can install them yourself.

Driving lights make nighttime driving safer by enhancing forward and peripheral vision, and they add value to your vehicle. Adding an extra set of more powerful lights to the front of your car—wired to come on when the high-beam switch is activated—provides additional lighting and improves overall vision for night driving. Quality driving lights can cost thousands, and hiring a professional to install them bumps up the expense. Fortunately, doing it yourself is not as complicated as it sounds. With basic tools it can be accomplished in no time.


A set of lights with both a widespread and a long pencil beam is ideal. There are many different brands out there, so look for a reputable manufacturer. Study what the international rally and off-road racing teams use. You can be assured that those lights have been tested in the toughest conditions. That’s why we recommend Earthtrack LED Lighting.

Driving lights are typically rated in watts, or power usage, and the higher the wattage, the brighter the light. There are three main types of driving lights: halogen, LED (light-emitting diode) and HID (high-intensity discharge). Each emits a different type of light. Halogens are less expensive than, say, HID lights, but the latter give off the brightest beam per watt of power. (Note: Check your local lighting laws to make sure these lamps are street legal where you live before you begin the installation.)


Choose a suitable place on your vehicle for the lights. Some states have restrictions on where lights can be mounted, so contact your local road authority before you tackle this project. You might need to buy a light-mounting bar, available at auto retailers from around $40, which can be attached to your existing front fender.

Most driving lights will come in a kit of two lights, fitting hardware, and a wiring loom. Halogen lights are the cheapest and can cost between $50 and $500 for a kit. LEDs will be more expensive and will usually come as one light bar or a set of two smaller lights from $100 to over $1500 for a large light bar. HIDs are the most expensive, starting at around $500 to over $2000 for a set.

If your new driving lights don’t come with a wiring-loom kit, you can purchase one separately from an automotive store for as little as $25. As an alternative to a wiring-loom kit, you can individually assemble a relay, a dashboard switch, a fuse (using the recommended size for your light), a T-piece connector and enough wiring to reach from the dashboard switch to your car’s battery and then out to the driving lights. A wiring diagram can guide you.


To fit your new lights, follow these steps:

• Find a suitable place on your dashboard for the switch. The switch will activate the driving lights when you turn on your vehicle’s high beams. Most vehicles have a pop-out-style compartment for mounting auxiliary switches, but you might need to drill a hole in the dash.

• Mount the relay in the engine bay, placing it as close to the battery as possible, while avoiding areas of excessive exhaust and engine hot spots. Drill a hole or use any preexisting holes to mount the relay.

• Run a ground wire from the relay to the chassis or earthing point. Ensure a good connection by filing off any paint, rust, or grit from the earthing point.

• Run a wire from one terminal on the dashboard switch through the firewall (following a preexisting loom or other appropriate hole) to the high-beam wire on your vehicle’s headlamp (this can be located using a simple testing meter while the high beam is activated or by referencing the wiring diagram included in your vehicle’s owner’s manual). Use the T-piece connector to join to this wire.

• Run the appropriately colored wire out of the relay through the firewall and on to the other terminal on the dashboard switch.

• Run the wire from the relay to the driving lights. Each light should also have a ground wire connected to an earthing point or the chassis.

• Run the battery wire from the relay to the battery, with a fuse in between.

• Test to see if the driving lights are working on high beam, and also test the operation of the dashboard switch.

• Finally, adjust the light beams. This is best done at night so you can gauge the appropriate position of the lights for maximum visibility. Take some spanners and go for a drive. Find a long, quiet stretch of road and adjust the height of the beams to exactly where you want them. (Remember to bring your LED Headlamp to be able to see what you are doing) Tighten the adjusting bolts and you’re done.

This simple job will save you money, make your car safer, and give you a little bit of DIY satisfaction.



Silverdale, WA, September 01, 2016 –(– A new company with a passion for quality has entered the LED lighting market. A certified quality product, the Industrial Earthtrack LED light bar has been market tested in the harsh and severe hot conditions of the Australian mining industry, and proved itself flawless in such tough conditions. With these years of experience, and a value for “safety first,” LED Light Bar, as the exclusive online distributor, is excited to introduce this certified product with matchless quality to North America.

CEO of LED Light Bar, Gary Davey, is eager for the US market to experience a product that is truly the best in quality. He shares, “Our partnership with Earthtrack is allowing us to bring this well-established, great quality product to the USA. We believe so strongly in this product that we have offered a limited lifetime warranty for our LED light bars.” This announcement by Davey demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality, making LED Light Bar the industry leading warranty provider for this product.

Davey knows this is just the beginning, and shares his enthusiasm: “With new product and relationships coming down the pipe, we are so excited about what 2016 will bring to LED Light Bar and Earthtrack group as a partner throughout the USA.” New LED-based niche products for the off-road and industrial company are also in the works, and will be guaranteed to rival the competition within the market in the US.

About the Company: LED Light Bar is founded by a group of professionals, experienced in marketing and trade, with a passion for the outdoors. They provide quality, time-tested products, providing lighting solutions for construction, industrial, agricultural, and recreational purposes.

With 15 years of digital marketing experience, and over a decade of sales experience, Gary Davey, CEO of LED Light Bar, is excited to bring an established and proven LED light bar line to the USA. Davey’s extensive experience in online marketing, along with his former role as VP of Business Development for RoverActive games (among the first downloadable PDA games on eBay), will help position for years to come.

Welcome LED Light Bar to USA



LED lights for truck, work or light bars offer some of the brightest, most rugged solutions for off-roading enthusiasts and anyone who must work outdoors, in poor lighting. Choosing the ideal LED lights for your application depends on three factors. Purpose

LED light bars are intended not to illuminate the road for driving, but to illuminate an area when camping, tailgating, riding fence, performing field work, or off-roading. Driving with LED light bars to light up the highway will usually result in a quick veto from local law enforcement.

On the other hand, LED driving lights are practical and safe ways to add safety and visibility to your highway and gravel road adventures. Because LED lights are solid state, they are extremely rugged, with no possibility of a broken filament.

LED work lights were born in some of the toughest environments on earth—the open-pit mines of Australia. Their legendary toughness and versatility make them perfect for lighting farm, lumbering and construction operations at any hour. Brightness

LED bulbs amazingly turn electricity directly into light, with little or no heat build-up. They are far more efficient in any application—light bars, driving lights, or work lights—than incandescent lamps. They are far more rugged than fluorescent lights.

Because LEDs are unitized, you can select the brightness by the number of LEDs in a light. Shop by lumens, not by watts, when looking at LED bulbs to compare. This is because you want to know exactly how much light the lamp pumps out, not how much energy it uses. Productivity for nighttime outdoor workers increases with the amount of available light.

Take a popular choice, the DV 9000 LED Work Light. It clusters nine LEDs to throw 1,970 lumens of light—plenty of light, without being glaring or painful, to work, yet affordable enough to purchase in bulk so that lights can be arranged to provide even, productive pools of worklight. Cost

For a single vehicle, cost may not be much of a concern. The difference between lights may only be a few hundred dollars. If you have a fleet to equip, however, this difference becomes substantial. Consider driving lights, with the most economical model coming in at around $205 and the premium solution to your lighting challenge coming in around $455.

When shopping for LED lights, consider purpose first, then brightness, and finally cost. Then contact us, Genesis LED Light Bars, to learn more.




When it comes to LED light bars, consumers have lots of options. It can be difficult to narrow the choices down. Many buyers shop using price as the only criteria. However, in most cases, you do get what you pay for, and that is especially true with accessories for your vehicle. You need something that will stand up to rugged use and not fail you when you need it most. If you are looking for a high-quality, high-performance LED light bars for your quad, Jeep or other 4×4 vehicle, you have come to the right place.

Earthtrack LED Light Bars

Earthtrack LED light bars are made in Australia. These LED offroad light bar models were developed and designed for use in mining operations in the outback. Mining itself is difficult work, but mining in Australia is a whole other story of trials and tribulations. After years of testing and use, Earthtrack has expanded to the United States. Now you can outfit your off-road vehicle with the same LED light bars that are used in rough and isolated terrain Down Under.

Available Sizes

Earthtrack LED light bars are offered in two sizes here at Genesis LED Lighting. You can choose from a single-row light bar or a double-row model. Prices for the Earthtrack LED light bars are very affordable, and the warranty on this product is one of the best in the industry. If your light bar doesn’t hold up like the manufacturer promises, you can trust that we will make it right.

When it comes to accessories for your off-road vehicle, quality is most important. You wouldn’t trust a set of cheap tires to get you over rough terrain, so why should you trust a cheap light bar to light your way? Pick up an Earthtrack LED offroad light bar from Genesis LED Lighting today and see the difference that Australian design and engineering makes. You can order online via our secure website and have your order delivered quickly and easily right to your door, so you can get back outside and enjoy some night-time off-road adventures.




If you need a bright, long-lasting light that is also energy-efficient, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are the way to go. These bulbs have seen vast improvements in technology that have made them an affordable choice for tasks, homes, and hobbies that need clear, clean light. LED lights don’t work in the same was as plain filament bulbs, however, which contributes to the LEDs’ longevity.

When you look inside an LED bulb, you’ll see several smaller bulb-like structures. These are semiconductors that produce light. The materials out of which LED semiconductors are made can change the type and color of light given off by the bulb. The light you see coming out of LED lights is electromagnetic radiation. This is produced when electrons move along the semiconductor.

These semiconductors are much tougher than the tungsten filaments you find in traditional incandescent bulbs, and they don’t draw nearly as much power as the filaments in halogen bulbs. A big advantage to using LEDs of compact fluorescent lights is that the LEDs contain no mercury, meaning you don’t need to take special precautions when tossing an old LED that no longer works.

LEDs are suitable for everything from small fairy lights to large off-road light bars. They are particulary well-suited to spotlight functions, so if you need work lights (either small task lights or bright spotlights) or driving lights that won’t burn out on you when you’re in the middle of nowhere, LEDs are what you want.

how an led light works



Lighting is something most people don’t really think twice about, but it is a necessity that we all can’t live without. Whether it’s for work purposes or recreational activities, the world would come to a complete stand still without lights. One of the premier brands in this field is (EGL) Earthtrack Group Lights. This popular and professional brand originates from Australia and is branching out to North America with their signature line of LED lighting.

Being from Australia, which is known for having a harsh climate, these lights are built to last and can stand the test of time. The company provides high performance LEDs such as light bars, work lights, driving lights, and accessories for you to choose from. Also if you’re an outdoor or off road enthusiast, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on these.

For you crazy off-road dudes, (EGL) has you covered with a full line of performance LED light bars for all adventurous endeavors.

These bars have mount brackets for bolting on and uses the advanced (Cree LEDs) that produces 50,000 hours of lighting. The company has a signature line to choose from also. Eclipse, Tornado, and Commander gives you plenty of options of straight and curved bars for vehicles. These high intensity lights will light up the sky and are great for night driving. The housings are produced from High Impact Die-Cast Aluminum and are water-proof. For more info on the LED light bars check out LED Light Bar. 

Safety is no joke and without top notch lighting, can be detrimental on the job. If you need professional high quality lights; Earthtrack Group Lights has the best and most powerful (LEDs) available. These high powered (HD LEDs) are designed with safety & were built for the mining sector. Being heavy-duty, these lights are now being used in agriculture and construction. The Enforcer LEDs provides the latest in high powered light technology as they illuminate the night sky. You get premium visibility from their extremely high out-put. From work lights to light pods, there is a wide selection and for a full line-up go here

With so much to choose from, you’ll surely find what you need and want. Proper lighting is a must have and pays dividends in the end. Either for off road vehicles or work purposes; the company is (Tried, Tested, and True).




In today’s world, LED lights are becoming much more popular compared to traditional sources. This is for some very good reasons, as there are many advantages to making the switch. LED lights are quickly becoming your best bet, whether you need to light your home, or are heading outside in the dark. LED light bars have many benefits compared to the traditional ones. Here are some benefits to switching to LED light bars.

Uses less electricity

If you have ever replaced the traditional bulbs in your home, for LED lights, you know they use up less electricity. Less electricity used means lower energy bills. An LED light bar will also use less electricity, reducing the charge taken from your cars battery. You can install these lights without worrying about them draining your batteries dry. It also gives you the option of using more lights at a time, without the risk of running out of power as quickly.

Less heat emitted

Since they require less energy to run, they also release less heat while they are in use. This lower heat production helps lower the risk of the lights damaging themselves, as well as, lowering the risk of the vehicle overheating. If you need to use more lights at one time, it is safer as they won’t generate as much heat as the traditional ones.

Longer Life span

Traditional light sources use a piece of filament to generate its light. This is why these light sources have a short life span, once the filament burns out you have to replace the bulb. LED lights do not use filaments; rather they use semi conductive material to create a flow of electricity. This means they have a much longer lifespan, sometimes lasting up to three times longer than tradition ones. You save money in the long run, by not having to replace bulbs as often.

Efficient light production

LED lights produce bright light, while using less energy compared to the traditional lights. These lights have the ability to light your pathway, with significantly less energy consumption.

LED lights are highly recommended to replace any traditional sources. They may cost more, but their advantages greatly exceed any of the traditional lights available. LED lights are designed to last and this is proven by their far greater lifespan. They emit less heat, and because of these they won’t overhead, causing damage like traditional lights can.




For LED light bars, manufacturers express their brightness either in lumens or candlepower. For the purpose of comparing different products, you may be required to convert either of the units.

Candlepower is also referred to as candela and is used to refer to the unit used to measure photometry. Candlepower simply measures the intensity of the light from the source and does not consider the direction of light or its quality. Lumens on the other hand measure the amount of light hitting the object that is being illuminated. This makes Lumens a more complex and technical mode of measurement since it considers a human beings sensitivity to the electromagnetic emission and therefore it is can be simply considered as the amount of visible light.

Since lumens measure the amount of light in all direction while candlepower measures the light from the source in one direction, it becomes difficult to convert lumens to candlepower, however when a manufacturer rates the product in candlepower, it usually means ‘spherical candlepower’ which can be compared to a lamp rated in lumens. You simply take the lumens stated by the manufacturer and divide them by 12.57 and you will get the output in candlepower.

Of Couse Lumens and candlepower are the main features to look for when buying an LED light bar, there are several other important features you need to look at, they include;

Light bar length and shape- This is for installation purpose and affects the strength of the beam due to the number of LEDs fitted.

Beam angle- it dictates the width and depth of illumination

iii.Efficiency- This is given in lumens per watt and are a measure of the quality of the LEDs

iv.Led color temperature- this determines where the output of the lamp falls in the visible light spectrum and is measured in Kelvin temperature scale.

v.Water and power resistance- The IP (Ingress Protection) Code is the standard used by manufacturer to measure the resistance to dust and water.

vi.Electrical connectors- they should be corrosion resistance and able to perform in a wide range of temperature.

vii.Light bar operating voltage- the voltage range should cover your vehicle’s voltage

Whether you are looking for an LED light bar for your truck, ATV or home, there are many options to look out for and you are bound to find the one that will fit your needs perfectly.