LED lights for truck, work or light bars offer some of the brightest, most rugged solutions for off-roading enthusiasts and anyone who must work outdoors, in poor lighting. Choosing the ideal LED lights for your application depends on three factors. Purpose

LED light bars are intended not to illuminate the road for driving, but to illuminate an area when camping, tailgating, riding fence, performing field work, or off-roading. Driving with LED light bars to light up the highway will usually result in a quick veto from local law enforcement.

On the other hand, LED driving lights are practical and safe ways to add safety and visibility to your highway and gravel road adventures. Because LED lights are solid state, they are extremely rugged, with no possibility of a broken filament.

LED work lights were born in some of the toughest environments on earth—the open-pit mines of Australia. Their legendary toughness and versatility make them perfect for lighting farm, lumbering and construction operations at any hour. Brightness

LED bulbs amazingly turn electricity directly into light, with little or no heat build-up. They are far more efficient in any application—light bars, driving lights, or work lights—than incandescent lamps. They are far more rugged than fluorescent lights.

Because LEDs are unitized, you can select the brightness by the number of LEDs in a light. Shop by lumens, not by watts, when looking at LED bulbs to compare. This is because you want to know exactly how much light the lamp pumps out, not how much energy it uses. Productivity for nighttime outdoor workers increases with the amount of available light.

Take a popular choice, the DV 9000 LED Work Light. It clusters nine LEDs to throw 1,970 lumens of light—plenty of light, without being glaring or painful, to work, yet affordable enough to purchase in bulk so that lights can be arranged to provide even, productive pools of worklight. Cost

For a single vehicle, cost may not be much of a concern. The difference between lights may only be a few hundred dollars. If you have a fleet to equip, however, this difference becomes substantial. Consider driving lights, with the most economical model coming in at around $205 and the premium solution to your lighting challenge coming in around $455.

When shopping for LED lights, consider purpose first, then brightness, and finally cost. Then contact us, Genesis LED Light Bars, to learn more.


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